Animal Planet – Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

  • $99.95

When it comes to dinosaurs this huge kit is the pick of the bunch. Indulge the Paleontologist in your family with this enormous model. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most efficient ‘Killing Machine”ever to have evolved. It appeared towards the end of the Cretaceous period and became extinct with all other dinosaurs at the end of that period. From head to tail the “tyrant lizard” was 15 metres long and 5 metres high. Its skull was more than a metre long and its mouth was armed with about 50 teeth up to 25cm in length. Its strong and heavy skull had only one moving part where the upper and lower jaws met. The skull had to be strong enough to withstand the substantial impact from a running plant eating dinosaur. Accurately detailed 51 piece skeleton which, when assembled, reproduces a faithful replica with an impressive assembled length of 1 Metre x 40cm High, approximately. If the model is required as a permanent display then it is recommended that the parts are glued together. Includes: Display stand & assembly instrucions. Realistic fossil skeleton model of Animal Planet Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), the most famous dinosaur of all. This model has 51 pieces and is almost 1 meter long and 40 cm high! It comes with it’s own display stand and instructions for assembly.

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