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4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm

  • $22.95

  • 4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm teaches the science of connecting a circuit and build your very own kick wire door alarm.
  • Install it on your bed room door and stop those unwanted intruders, or sneaky snoopers who climb in your bed. Make them a thing of the past with this 4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm.
  • The alarm has a cyber look transparent casing, this cool spy gadget will keep out those pesky snooping siblings.
  • Learn about circuitry and electronics and create a cool gadget at the same time.
  • Everything you need to create a futuristic, cyber-look wire trip door alarm is included; just add a couple of batteries and a Philips head screwdriver and away they go!
  • 4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm works by adhering to the inside of their bedroom door. A trip wire sticks to the jam, and will sound a loud, piercing alarm if the door is opened!
  • The kit also includes a blank door sign to hook to the outside door knob, so they can warn snoopers of the fate that awaits them.
  • Easy instructions and easy to assemble pieces make the Do It Yourself Intruder Alarm Kit they truly exciting to receive.
  • Great for kids who want to learn about electricity and circuits 

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