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4M Kitchen Science Experiment Kit

  • $24.95

4M Kitchen Science Experiment kit is All in one science experiment kit. Generate enough electricity using a fork and a lemon to light up a bulb. Launch a rocket fueled by baking soda and vinegar. Build a table top volcano which erupts with bubbly “lava” and more… The amazing 4M Kitchen Science experiment Kit is a great present for sparking kids interest in physics, chemistry and other basic sciences. By using materials found in everyday life everyone can get involved with these kitchen science experiments. There are also some great projects for science fairs. These activities are perfect for primary school children to develop a better understanding of their everyday environment. Vineger rocket Launcher pad Small spoon Volcano 2 x Skewers Finger print development pad 8 x Finger print record sheets Brush 8 x secret message sheets 2 x zinc plates Wire Watch movement Instructions

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