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Engino Inventor – 90 Models Motorised Set

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Engino Inventor – 90 Models Motorised Set brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions. Build 90 Motorized Models using the included and online 3D rendered instructions Assemble a Transport Chopper or a Forklift, a Radar Truck or a Satellite Dish, a “Jeep” and Trailer and so many more Manual includes step by step, 3D rendered assembly instructions Models illustrated online at Engino’s website or using the Engino 3D app downloadable free for Android or Apple iOS. MADE IN CYPRUS Engino Inventor – 90 Models Motorised Set brings complex designs into simple focus with clear, 3-D rendered, printed instruction manuals. Build 90 assemblies from the manual including a Front loader, Radar Truck, Crane, bulldozer, and Off roader with Trailer and much more. Or add some imagination and make your own creation. The Engino Building System was invented by Costas Sisamos, a former teacher and engineer for the purpose of helping students build technological models creatively and easily to experiment and learn about science and technology in a way that includes all the benefits of play. The major advantage of the Engino system is that it’s design flexibility enables children to build simple or complex models quickly using a small number of components.

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