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Galt – Glow Lab

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Galt-Glow lab is young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun. Experiment with glow stick, make your own flashing glow bouncy ball and mould a slimy glow bug. This game is designed with 11 fun experiments! Suitable for ages: 6+ years. Designed for better imaginative Includes 20 glow sticks and 13 connectors, UV pen with backlight torch, ball mould, 3 bags of bouncy ball crystals, flashing LED capsule, make your own glow slime powder and pot, glow bug mould, 2 wiggly eyes, 15 glow stars, white tack, plastic cup, 4 lolly sticks, stickers, printed card pieces , notepad and 24 page lab book. Kit helps child to connect to their thought process and enhance cognitive skills. Reveal messages written in invisible ink. Find more STEM toys here

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