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Galt – Magnetic Lab

  • $36.95

Galt – Magnetic lab has some really cool exciting sciency things to do. Drive a racing car without touching it, make rattlesnake sounds and perform an amazing levitating trick! Design mazes for your magnetic marbles and create funny hair faces. Suitable for ages: 6+ years Young science kit to encourage early STEM learning. Based on scientific thinking. Let your kids grow with scientific knowledge. Exciting kit which includes 24-page full color lab book with 9 fun experiments. Try some quizzing here Do you know how magnets are made ? Magnets are made by exposing ferromagnetic metals like iron and nickel to magnetic fields. When these metals are heated to a certain temperature, they become permanently magnetized. … Learn how to make a paperclip magnet, an electromagnet, and a magnet you can use as a compass. Warning : To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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