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Math Dice Jr. Game

  • $19.95

Math Dice Jr. Game is the first mental math game for your child! Sharpen your mathematical and problem-solving skills with the Math Dice Jr. Game, a fun dice game that’s great in and out of the classroom. The 12-sided Target Die sets the target number. Then players add and/or subtract the five Scoring Dice to match the target number, moving one space on the Scoring Track for every Scoring Die used. The first player to reach the finish line wins! Any subject (even something as boring as math) can be made interesting based on who teaches it. A teacher should be like a magician… they should thrive off his audience. A teacher should make every student a fan of the subject. Games are certainly great mediums for both fun and learning. Math Dice Jr. Game is like a good teacher, generating interest in mathematics for your child. The Details Features: 12-Sided Die, Five 6-Sided Dice, Scoring Track, Instructions, Game-Go Bag. Type: Family Games, Math Dice Games Skill: STEM and Creative Thinking Age: 6 and Up Players: 2 or More Players Learn more about STEM toys from!

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