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Rocket Factory

  • $49.95

The Rocket Factory Kit offers over 19 experiments related to rockets and other launchable vehicles. You can learn how to make rockets from balloons and stage your own fun races with your homemade rockets. This kit makes rocket science seem so easy! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: How to create incredible rockets and how to make chemical fuel for rockets How to make an artificial satellite and send it into orbit on a terrestrial globe How to ascend water in a cup How to challenge your friends to make fantastic races with rockets How to use incredible rockets to join a fun spatial mission EACH BOX SET INCLUDES: 20 Experiments 36 page Educational book Protective goggles Protective gloves Wooden spatula Plastic spatula Baking soda Citric acid Straws Balloons Woollen yarn Launch bellows for rockets Rockets Large measuring cups Small measuring cups Lids for small measuring cups Wooden clothes pegs Wooden sticks Decorative stickers for rockets and the car Card with parts for the car and anemometer Table tennis balls Charcoal pencil

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