Science4you Magnetic Factory - Educational Resources

Science4you Magnetic Factory

  • $49.95

Science4you Magnetic Factory features : Kids will conduct fun experiments based on all the disciplines of science. Science4You Magnetic Factory Science Kit contains everything kids need to make rings float in the air and make magnetic marbles. Activities in this set are set out with step by step instructions in the 36 page colour instructions books provided. Get your kids into science with this super fun Science4You Magnetic Factory Science Kit. Safety tested for kids from the age of 8 years old. The Science4You Magnetic Factory Science Kit will have your kids learning all about magnetic science whilst performing fun kid safe science experiments and toys r us australia. Have fun with amazing magnetic races and magnetic games! find out how to have lots of fun with your magnetic silly putty. Find out how to build a fantastic compass. Find out how to use magnetism in races and games. Find out how to create fantastic magnets to decorate your fridge. Includes a 36-page educational book. Not suitable for children under 8 years. Image shown is for illustrative purposes only, parts or colours may differ.

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