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Sciencewiz Magnetism

  • $34.95

ScienceWiz Magnetism should be one of your child’s first science kits. The large, color coded magnets should be played with in Kindergarten. The first 15 activities explore which metals stick to magnets, magnetic poles, attract and repel, magnets through materials, and temporary magnets. The kits includes high quality, color coded, SAFE ceramic magnets. Activities in the first part of the book Draw with iron filings Discover what sticks to magnets Levitate and bounce rings Swim a duck Make a temporary magnet Detect iron Go fishing Play with magnetic poles Sometime between second and third grade children should revisit this book, repeat their favorite activities, and do the more advanced projects in the second part of the book. Advanced Activities Build an electromagnet – then flip the poles Construct a compass Visualize the lines of magnetic force Explore compass directions Discover how motors work When you’re looking for a brand that stands out from the rest look no further. With a passion for quality and creativity you can rest easy knowing the quality we manufacture.

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