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Super Science Kit 6 in 1

  • $59.95

The Super Science Kit 6-in-1 has everything an aspiring scientist needs. There are over 100 interesting experiments to perform. Develop your scientific knowledge with this perfect gift idea for the budding scientist you know. What you will learn: How to make coloured flowers and how to collect fingerprints How to separate mixtures and how to make bombastic chemical explosions How to simulate the formation of a mountain and how to represent an amazing volcanic eruption How to create coloured and fantastic crystals How to make a Newton disc and how to put a pulley working How to build your own galaxy and a spacial exploration vehicle What is inside the box: 120 experiments 2 Educational books Scientist lab coat Protective goggles Protective gloves Blue food colouring Red food colouring Yellow food colouring Cornflour Gypsum Sodium bicarbonate Sea Salt Green bean seeds Peats pH test strips Brown filter papers Volcano mould Test tubes with lids Test tubes rack Small measuring cups with lids Erlenmeyer flask Beaker and over 20 more items… This product is not suitable for children under 8 years of age

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