Weather Science Kit - Educational Resources

Weather Science Kit

  • $49.95

The weather is a fascinating aspect of nature. Find out more about the weather as well as building your very own weather monitoring devices with the Weather Science Kit. Make your own solar-powered watch. Learn about harnessing the sun’s light to power objects. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: How to make a fantastic tornado How you can build your own meteorological station and become a real scientist How lightning and rainbows are formed by doing fun experiments What is global warming and why do icebergs float How to build a solar watch and what is acid rain EACH BOX SET INCLUDES: 25 Experiments 36 page Educational book Red food colouring Compass Thermometers Beaker Pasteur pipettes Small measuring cups Small measuring cup lid Plastic flowerpot Funnel pH test strips Green bean seeds Peats Mirror Wooden spatula Balloons Plasticine Rubber band Zip-lock plastic bags Pencil Transparent straw Straws Weather diary Card with solar watch and pieces to meteorological instruments Stickers to weather diary

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