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Young Learners Numbers

  • $21.95

Young Learners Numbers is a simple and fun educational game composed of tiles with lots of illustrations of fun animals to count. A journey through the world of numbers that child can experience independently. It helps in testing themselves individually, friends and family using the group playing modes. Improves the mathematical skills. Kit that encourages early STEM learning with full of fun. Suitable for ages: 2+years. Game that never ends. Enjoy quizzing and watch youtube videos Read a bedtime story every night even if it is only a short one. Make it a routine as it will also help children settle down at night. Tell true stories at bed time instead of reading for variety of bedtime routine. Borrow children’s books from your local library to add variety to the collection of books read. Avoid using the TV as a babysitter. Limit the amount of time spent watching TV and videos etc. Set limited times when your child is allowed to watch TV. Teach your child how to turn off the TV. Allow them to self-regulate as to when it is enough to be sitting in front of the TV. Turn TV off when family are having meals. This is setting a good example of when to watch TV and allows for dinner conversation.

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